In March 2002, Doug was exhibiting at the Safari Club International show in Las Vegas. Also in attendance at the show was Doug’s friend, the famous astronaut Major General Joe Engle, who is such a fan of Doug’s work that he brought former president George H.W. Bush by the booth for a look. Bush also took an instant liking to Doug’s sculptures, and they arranged for a presentation of a bronze to the Bush family. The selected piece would be an eagle in flight called “Air-Force,” inspired by the Mission Patch from Joe Engle’s 19th Space Shuttle mission. Most of the art in the Bush collection goes to Texas A&M University, and that was where Doug expected the presentation would take place. However, Doug and his family were personally invited to come to the Bush’s home at Kennebunkport to present “Air-Force” to Mr. Bush. To date, Doug Eck is the only artist to receive such an invitation.